Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us for your Spruce Grove Car Wash?

We Care About Our Customers

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Ultra-soft hogs-hair brushes.
  • Cleanliness
  • Extremely muddy vehicles welcome.
  • Extra large bays
  • Best maintenance
  • VIP Cards/Rewards

Always improving; bringing you the best products:

  • Fresh, clean, heated, and softened water
  • Dryers
  • Top of the line soaps
  • Foams with pleasant aromas.
  • Spot free rinse
  • Free undercar wash
  • Turtle Wax eco-friendly wax, foam conditioner, and foam brush

Environmental Benefits

Commercial car washes are more eco friendly than washing the car at home, for several reasons.
We use less water and we use it more efficiently.

Excess water usage

Washing at home
Flow rate (average garden hose) 30 L/min @ 50-60 PSI
Average water use 250-350 litres

Clean Getaway Carwash
Flow rate (wand wash) About 15 L/min @ 1000 PSI
Average water use About 150 litres

Pollution of local waterways

Washing at home puts large amounts of dirty, grimy and soapy water into the gutters and down storm drains. Storm drain water is not treated. Therefore, any chemicals in your car wash run-off have a good chance of entering local water systems where they can harm fish, plants, or other aquatic species.

Clean Getaway Carwash wastewater is treated; it does not go into storm drains where it could harm the environment.

Use of harmful chemicals and detergents

Clean Getaway Carwash is proud to use Turtle Wax products, part of the EcoLogo Program.


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